30 days of gratitude :: 11

Grata pela beleza das pequenas coisas.

Grata por poder congelar momentos com a minha máquina fotográfica.

Grata pelos ensinamentos que a simples observação me tem proporcionado ao longo da minha vida.


Grateful for the beauty of small things.

Grateful fot the oportunity to freeze moments with my camera.

Grateful for the acquaintance that the simple observation has provided me throughout my life.






One thought on “30 days of gratitude :: 11

  1. We tend to capture moving life and make it still but forever immortalized with our eyes and cameras, drawings and paitings. We do so much for the world because it does so much more for us.

    If I could paint today it would be a portrait of the world in you. A mere artistic representation of the person you are, in which your face and its expression is predominant of our peaceful lifes.

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